There are four main ways to add miles to your individual Great Cycle Challenge page:

  1. Great Cycle Challenge mobile app: when you record a ride using the Great Cycle Challenge mobile application (built for Android and iOS operating systems), it will automatically sync with your profile page.

    All the different rides you've completed will be added to your profile.

  2. Strava/MapMyFitness (including MapMyRide/MapMyRun): you can connect your Strava or MapMyFitness account to the Great Cycle Challenge USA platform and each ride you complete will be brought across to our platform within an hour of it being saved.

    To do this, simply go to the Connect to Strava/MapMyFitness in the left-hand menu of your dashboard.

  3. Upload a GPS file (Garmin etc.): for participants using a GPS-enabled device like a Garmin to track their rides, login to your Great Cycle Challenge USA profile and from there you can upload each ride file on the 'add manual rides' page to grow your tally.

  4. Add spin bike/exercise bike/manual rides: those who are just using a standard cyclometer - which doesn't record the GPS points - or an exercise bike to complete their challenge can add the distance manually on the 'add manual rides' page of your dashboard or through the 'manual entry' option on the mobile app.

Participants taking part in the Spin Bike Challenge will need to use option #4 above.