There's three common causes for rides not syncing from Strava to your Great Cycle Challenge account. 

If your ride doesn't sync with Great Cycle Challenge within 60 minutes of saving it to Strava, then you may need to check the following possible causes:

  1. Strava is connected after the ride is recorded: we can only pull rides across that are saved after you have connected your Strava account with the Great Cycle Challenge platform. No rides prior to this time will be brought across to Great Cycle Challenge.
  2. Privacy settings: if the ride is saved as ‘Private’ or you have your ‘Enhanced privacy’ master setting on Strava enabled in your account, Great Cycle Challenge cannot sync the ride to its platform. This ride will not be pulled across if you change the privacy after the fact, either, so you will need to export the GPX file from Strava and import it on the Add/Delete Ride page of your Great Cycle Challenge Dashboard. 
  3. Wrong activity type: Great Cycle Challenge can only pull 'Rides' across from the Strava platform, so if your activity has accidentally been saved as a Run or other non-cycling activity type, then it will not sync across to your Great Cycle Challenge page.